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Zero-Friction Fittings Installation

Zero Friction Fittings can only be installed on shoes with regular eyelet holes. They will not install on shoes with loops, rings, or special mounts.

Some shoes, like asics... Have loops in combination with lace holes. Other shoes don't have eyelets in the right spot or the eyelets are very small. Don't hesitate to use a common household awl to quickly pierce or widen a hole and position your fittings in the perfect spot. The new hole will not be visible under the fitting, and your shoe will not tear.

Check our lace size guide for correct length.

Zero Friction Fittings require one size smaller than iBungee or race-runners alone. Zero-Friction Fittings were designed specifically for use with iBungee & Race-Runners. We do not recommend using Zero-Friction Fittings with regular laces as optimal performance cannot be guaranteed.

Installation is simple and takes just a few minutes. A small phillips screw driver is needed.

1. Remove old laces. Choose six eyelets for installing the fittings. For very best results, start at the top and skip rows as you go downwards. This minimizes resistance in the lace matrix and provides ideal support vectors.

2. Attach the fittings at the eyelet holes. Insert the screws from inside the shoe. Tighten moderately with screwdriver. To reduce weight, our screws are aluminum and fittings are nylon, over-tightening may cause stripping.

3. Thread laces through the fittings in a crisscross pattern.

4. Insert laces through the race-lock. To prevent laces from slipping back through the race-lock, make a loop-knot on each strand or tie them together.

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