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Triathlete Magazine
Voted Best in Test over all other lacing systems!
Zero Friction lace guides are ingenious plastic pieces that secure to the shoe’s eyelets. These add-ons allow standard laces to slide freely through the shoe. The laces, iBungee (elastic) or Race-Runners (non-stretch) are secured with a very high-quality cord-lock. The laces slide effortlessly through the Zero Friction pieces. Just pull the tongue back and the shoe opens wide. Using the Zero Friction fittings with Race-Runners (non-stretch lace) provides the best shoe closure of any quicklace system on the market. Rather than tightening only at the top of the shoe, the lace is able to slide through every eyehole and apply pressure over the entire foot. Once the shoe is closed properly, the laces firmly and reliably hold the foot in place.
Runners World Magazine
This nifty product allows you to lace up with a single pull. Simply attach the special eyelet fittings to your shoes’ lace holes (it’s easy, and only takes a few minutes), and thread the tough nylon lace cord into place. Then all you do is pull the cord and set it with the simple cord lock. And unlike regular laces, this friction-free system distributes lace tension evenly, so you can loosen or tighten the whole shoe with one quick motion. Plus, the cord’s equal-all-over tension means a more snug and comfortable fit. Laces come in eight different colors.
RUN Midwest
Speedlaces are now sized and tipped with new fittings, have a lower profile and sleeker design. They are ideal for athletes and anyone looking to improve foot comfort and support. Speedlaces now offers two lacing types: iBungee, elastic lacing and Race-Runners, non-elastic lacing. iBungee laces are available in the following new colors: Florida Green, Florida Orange, Medium Blue, Neon Yellow, Pink and Royal Blue. There is also an additional add on called Zero-Friction Fittings which can be used with either lacing type and are great for athletes because you can adjust the lace tension precisely and instantly.
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