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Speedlaces is the World's No.1 Lacing System!

Ordinary laces just cannot compare to Speedlaces.

On a typical running shoe, the lacing winds back & forth in a matrix of friction. This is why shoes are hard to get on & off, difficult to adjust, sometimes very uncomfortable, and lack support & stability.

Our patented lacing system takes the friction out of laces and with friction gone, great things happen!

Patented Technology

Our patented Zero-Friction Fittings were specially engineered to be as light as possible and perform best when used with our iBungee (stretch) or Race-Runners (non-stretch) laces. The two lace options let you decide which is best for you. iBungee offers plush comfort, while Race-Runners offer enhanced support & stability. But both provide lightning fast transitions!


iBungee Lacing

Bungee laces were the first popular solution for quick bike-to-run transitions. However, not all bungee are equal, and most offer little in the way of support & stability. Our high quality iBungee laces are made in the finest New England mills with a multi-strand latex core and a polyester jacket for superior strength and expansion.

Non-Stretch Support

If you prefer a locked-in feeling, or participate in off-road triathlons, our race-runners laces together with our patented zero-frictions are the ideal choice. This is where Speedlaces excels. We are the only lacing system in the world that offers you the simple convenience and comfort of iBungee or the ability to combine instant transitions with the superior support & stability of non-stretch.

Zero Friction Fittings

iBungee & Race-Runners laces alone provide great results for runners at all levels. However, many athletes seeking maximum fit & function step up to Zero-Friction Fittings. Zero-Friction Fittings eliminate friction by raising your laces to the surface of the shoe. Your laces glide easily and amazing things happen. You no longer struggle with uneven lace tension because tension always starts and stays equal throughout the shoe. Laces automatically micro-adjust continuously by adapting to the changing forces and pressures during your stride.

Rated "Best in Test" by Triathlete Magazine! Speedlaces is the only lacing system in the world that gives you the ability to combine instant transitions with the support and stability of non-stretch laces.
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